Arresto Momentum

Gagnante du concours "Self-portraiture" sur Photocrowd (Expert Judge Winner) - Juin 2020

"There's some serious digital manipulation going on here, but we loved the surreal interpretation that Laura made of our brief. She has decided to show her time during the Covid19 confinement with a clever use of the clock metaphor, and her composite of several photos in Photoshop displays a seamless and creative approach to editing. Quite simply, the image is brilliantly lit, shot and executed!"

Reviewed by The Digital Photographer Team

Wasting time2.jpg

Interview pour ProntoPro

Photographe à la naissance de ses enfants



Gagnante di concours "On location portraiture" sur Photocrowd (Expert Judge Winner) - Avril 2019


"A beautiful stand out image. Fabulous expression on the young girl who is well placed off centre giving the image a strong composition. The light is soft and the image benefits from a complementary colour palette which is consistent throughout the image. Good lens selection giving a narrow depth of field and good separation for the young girl from the background. A great example of using the environment to produce a beautiful image."

Reviewed by Terry Donnelly, award-winning portrait, landscape and sports photographer


Carnivale Series #9

Gagnante du concours "Portraits at home" sur Photocrowd (Expert Judge Winner) -Mai 2020

"This is a brilliant self-portrait shrouded in mystery and full of smokey textures. The central composition works really well and the golden embellished mask does a fantastic job of pulling the eye in and anchoring the image. One eye can be seen through the mask, while the other is covered by the smoke created by an e-cigarette. It's a very powerful and impressive self-portrait that Laura should be proud of, and one worthy of first place in our Portraits at Home contest this month. Great job!"

Reviewed by The PhotoPlus team





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